Staying out of jail and up to technological speed while running a nonprofit

Some days the Nonprofiteer is happy to serve just as a pass-through for the good work other people are doing. This is one of those days.

On January 11, look out for the publication of Good Counsel: Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits, Lesley Rosenthal’s guide to every possible legal issue in nonprofits. (The Nonprofiteer urged Lesley, who is Lincoln Center’s general counsel, to call the book “How to stay out of jail while running a nonprofit,” but for some reason she demurred!) Having had a chance to review the book in manuscript, the Nonprofiteer is happy to give Good Counsel her strongest possible endorsement, and not only—not even primarily—for big agencies with their own general counsels.  The lawyers on your Board who are forever being expected to know everything legal that might affect your agency (and who are secretly wetting their pants from anxiety because they don’t actually know all those things) will be particularly grateful for this brief, well-written and comprehensive guide to, well, staying out of jail. And—how moderne!–it’s also available for Kindle and I-Pad.  Publisher John Wiley & Sons/Lincoln Center.

And, in other useful news, announces that it’s prepared once again to provide free Web development services to nonprofits which can match Elevation Web’s contribution.  Last year this “socially conscious Web design and media company” donated $400K in services to 95-plus nonprofits.  So if you (like most of the Nonprofiteer’s clients) think that upgrading your Website and making it easier to use (i.e. donate from) is of critical importance in the coming year, check out the group and complete the application at


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  1. Lesley Rosenthal Says:

    Thank you Kelly! In tandem with the book’s release, I’m chairing a start-up project with the NY State Bar Ass’n and the State Atty General’s Office to encourage and train more attorneys to serve nonprofits’ corporate, governance and compliance needs on a pro bono basis. It’s catching on fast in NY and we’ve had indications of interest from several other states as well. First training session on 1/26 at the Hilton in NYC, happy to share experiences and peer-mentor.

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