Doings at the Nonprofit Finance Fund

The indispensable Nonprofit Finance Fund has just begun its annual survey of the sector for 2011. The Fund’s slicing and dicing of the data will produce a thoughtful report on the state of the sector, of the kind it has already provided for 2009 and 2010. Please help the Fund’s researchers help us: take 15 or 20 minutes and respond to their questions.

Speaking of indispensable, the Fund’s founding Executive Director Clara Miller has just announced that she’s moving on to a job with the FB Heron Foundation. No doubt she’ll continue to be a leader in her new position, but her tenacity and vision in creating financial systems for nonprofits (including the Community Development Finance Institution, of which the Fund itself became a leading example) and her no-nonsense discussions of what the sector needs and what it lacks will be sorely missed.

We all owe Clara Miller a debt of gratitude. Maybe the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s expertise can help us figure out how to repay it!


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