An oldie but a goodie

A recent publication in Contributions Magazine of the Nonprofiteer’s rant “Board Members are not Hypothetical Constructs” produced the following helpful comment from Pamela Hawley of Universal Giving:

I recently read your article on board members, reposted in Guidestar.  What a helpful post to nonprofits, encouraging them to find board members who can both fundraise and be passionate about the mission. I’d also add a key criteria is strategy, and, integrity/values. We’ve had people try to give us millions of dollars and join our board, but the ethical fit was not right.  Money coming from not the right source could derail your organization for years, if not permanently.

Patience, too, is helpful. One board member stated he wouldn’t be fundraising. His motives, track record and relationships were so strong, it was more than worth it to have him engaged.  And five years later, he just made a huge introduction to a high networth donor.  So, it might be all right to have some board members join without fundraising at the beginning.

Thank you again for such a helpful article.

Ms. Hawley is absolutely right about patience, a quality the Nonprofiteer notoriously lacks.  It’s always worth remembering that “Board development” is a phrase encompassing the effort of fostering the Board members you have as well as that of attracting excellent outsiders.

And thanks to Ms. Hawley for reminding us all that the real essential for a good blog is smart readers.


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