A new publication about Board recruitment

The Nonprofiteer has a piece in the new issue of Contributions Magazine.


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2 Responses to “A new publication about Board recruitment”

  1. Jen Cox Says:

    Bravo! It can be maddening to have endless discussions about what organizations wish for in a board member (or from major donors, or your committee, or…). At some point, you need to just get on the phone already. Well said!

  2. Auth Says:

    that ifnetidying high-performance nonprofits was “easy”, but I do think it is “easier” than ifnetidying proven high impact organizations.You make a great suggestion regarding someone applying this method. I would argue that is already using a version of this method. On their website they state that they, “promote the development of performance-based approaches to philanthropy.” While they frequently refer to “impact” most of their metrics are performance based.If impact was fungible, so that X units of impact in international development was transferable to X units of impact in inner city education, I would agree with you that focusing on just proven high-impact orgs would be best. But since most people care deeply about the kind of impact they achieve, I think high-performance philanthropy is generally a better approach for most people.All that being said, most high-impact organizations are high performance organizations. As I stated, I think high-impact is a “holy grail” to head towards. So nothing I’ve written should be seen as a suggestion that the types of organizations GiveWell recommends are somehow not good targets for philanthropists.

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