On the care and feeding of high-skill volunteers

The Nonprofiteer is preparing her April 6 presentation at Chicago’s Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management, the euphoniously-titled “They’re Not a Frill if You’re Using Them Right: How to Save Money and Get More Done Using High-Skill Volunteers.”

It should be simple: skilled and experienced people walk into nonprofits; nonprofits use them for their skills and experience.  But everyone in the sector knows that it rarely works that way, unless there happens to be a space for the person on the Board of Directors.  When there isn’t, lawyers and accountants find themselves stuffing envelopes, and soon nonprofits find themselves with ex-volunteers.  And in nonprofits as elsewhere, someone who’s happy with an experience tells one person; someone who’s unhappy tells ten.  So why do we keep creating unhappiness and misusing this resource?

Because she’s hopelessly addicted to acronyms, the Nonprofiteer has come up with the Big MAC approach for deploying high-skill volunteers; and if you want to know what that is, as we used to say at the end of our grammar-school book reports, “You’ll have to read the book”–or, in this case, come to the program.

So come spend a morning (9 a.m. to noon) with the Nonprofiteer at the Axelson Center at  North Park College; there’s still time to register at northpark.edu/axelson.  See you there!


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2 Responses to “On the care and feeding of high-skill volunteers”

  1. Katherine Heart Says:

    And do you have any plans to make this enticing presentation (the Big MAC) available to those of us who live hundreds of miles from the feast?

    • Nonprofiteer Says:

      Absolutely–as I get the handouts in final form, and can pull the pithiest parts of the presentation, I’ll be posting them here on the site. Thanks for asking!

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