The Nonprofiteer is beside herself with ecstasy . . .

to report that she’s just been published for the first time on Huffington Post, with a piece called “Full-Body Scans Are a Feminist Issue.” Over the years, some of you have mentioned that you wouldn’t mind hearing her opinions about things other than nonprofit management; be careful what you wish for!

She’s also excited to mention that she’s ramping up her consulting practice again, with a slightly altered focus: in addition to strategic planning and individual-gifts fundraising, she’s concentrating on helping nonprofits use the flood of high-skill volunteers now available in virtually every location and occupation.  Her work will include Board recruitment and training, but won’t be confined to it–there must be 50 ways to take advantage of people’s passion, skills and abilities even if they’re not Board material.  And the Nonprofiteer is determined to discover each and every one of those ways!

If you’re in Chicago (or have a travel budget) and want to meet with the Nonprofiteer in her guise as NFP Consulting, please just drop her an e-mail.

And meanwhile, let her know what you think of the HuffPo piece.  Thanks!


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3 Responses to “The Nonprofiteer is beside herself with ecstasy . . .”

  1. Joe Dietrich Says:

    Kelly…just finished reading your piece on body scans.
    I understand how many would agree with your rational argument describing this type of privacy invasion…but I still believe body scans are
    necessary to prevent a-holes from trying to blow us out of the skies. Sometimes we have to put aside our uncomfortable feelings regarding small intrusions of privacy and keep the larger picture in mind which (in my experience as an airline passenger) is to feel more safe and secure while traveling. Just my take on it.
    Joe D. chicagoland

    • Nonprofiteer Says:

      Thanks for reading it, and for your alternate view. Long may dialogue reign!

  2. Jane Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I read and enjoyed your piece too. I have noticed myself initiating fewer and fewer trips that require air travel each year as the security measures get more dehumanizing. I’m not sure where I fall on the continuum of it’s wrong/it’s necessary, but I share your feelings on the “ick” factor of the full body scans.

    Congratulations on being nationally published! So cool!

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