Free Time Friday: On hiatus

The Nonprofiteer could use a break, so she’s taking one.  Publication will resume when she feels refreshed, or whenever she gets a particularly intriguing “Where’s the Beef?” or “Dear Nonprofiteer” inquiry.

Meanwhile, please troll around in the archives or search your favorite topic and see what she’s had to say about them over the course of the past two years.  And to make sure you get the word the very second she starts making noise again, please subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed.

A happy and feckless spring to all.


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2 Responses to “Free Time Friday: On hiatus”

  1. Jane Says:

    I miss you Nonprofiteer! Hope you’re having a good summer.

    • Nonprofiteer Says:

      Thanks–I’m volunteering nearly full-time for the ACLU of Illinois, which is spearheading the response to the recent imposition of a parental notification requirement for young women who want to have an abortion. We’ve put together a hotline to take calls from girls who, for whatever reason, can’t tell an adult family member, and we’re connecting them with lawyers who can help them secure permission from a judge to have the procedure without requiring notice. I’ve even strapped on my lawyer spurs for the first time in years, and am preparing to be one of those representing these young women so their Constitutional rights can be protected.

      And someday I’ll write about everything I’ve learned/am learning about how nonprofits do and don’t make use of and integrate high-skill volunteers.

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