A retrospective on information technology from someone who should know

Here’s some talk about the use of technology in nonprofits straight from the horse’s mouth: an interview with Gavin Clabaugh, long-time IT guru at the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation.  In this valedictory interview on leaving Mott, he reflects on where nonprofits have been and where we’re going in terms of using technology (and preventing it from using us).  Particularly thought-provoking: his observation that many nonprofits’ understanding of technology is fundamentally flawed, because it’s based on consumer uses of technology, many of which “do not scale” to enterprises, for-profit or non-.

How refreshing to hear an IT geek point out the importance of not getting  carried away by the latest toy!

h/t Deborah Strauss, ex-ED  of Chicago’s IT Resource Center, now Lumity.

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