Polio: once more, with feeling

For many years, Rotary International has been a leader in raising funds to eradicate polio around the world–and when the Nonprofiteer says “many years,” she’s referring to a campaign now past its 20th birthday.  Five years ago there was a piece in the New Yorker about what already seemed like an endless battle to wipe out the disease, which persists in only a few countries but causes disproportionate misery and disability.  And this year, when the Rotarians and their worldwide partners announced one last big push to raise funds, the response of The World program on the BBC was a segment asking whether the costs of the eradication effort outweighed the benefits.

Against this backdrop of skepticism and exhaustion, the Rotarians’ work seems all the more heroic.  Their challenge is to raise $200 million to match $355 million in grants from the Gates Foundation.  Maybe you’d like to help them out.  Check out the video and get more information here.


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