Boardsource videos on Board responsibilities

These Boardsource videos identify and describe the ten responsibilities of nonprofit Board members. As the author of the “Board Member’s Bill of Rights”–also an account of ten responsibilities of nonprofit Board members–the Nonprofiteer takes the liberty of critiquing these even while recommending them: if “ensure adequate financial resources” doesn’t appear until #6, we’ll have still more Boards of Directors who don’t understand that this is in fact their primary responsibility.

Nonprofits without necessary resources are not operating businesses at all. Therefore Boards which fail to put resource development at the top of their lists of things to do are failing in their role as governors of the nonprofit’s operation.

Quibbles about order aside, the videos are a fine introduction to the work of a nonprofit Board.


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  1. Yana Davis Says:

    Received wisdom is that board members should be the leading fundraisers for the nonprofit. One famously successful nonprofit had, and probably still has, a requirement that a board member either personally contribute X dollars or bring in a total of X dollars annually, X being a rather large number. Such a requirement is more critical today, given the economic meltdown, than ever.

  2. Stuff You Can Use: Board Ponderables and Resources | Butts In The Seats Says:

    […] other bit of information I wanted to draw attention to was a entry on The Nonprofiteer noting the availability of BoardSource videos on “the ten responsibilities of nonprofit Board […]

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