[Without] Foundation Friday: Speculation, pure and simple

The Nonprofiteer boldly makes her debut as a political pundit with the following utterly un-researched syllogism:

  • Whoever is Governor of Illinois when a much-needed state income tax increase is adopted will lose his job.
  • The Speaker of the Illinois House has a daughter who wants to be Governor of Illinois.
  • Therefore, the Speaker of the Illinois House will ram through a much-needed state income tax increase during the administration of the current Governor of Illinois.

And thus is good government achieved by accident.  For seven years the Governor of Illinois has pretended to its citizens that they can have vital state services without paying for them, and to accomplish this he’s sold off state assets and borrowed from pension funds.  Now that particular charlatan is out of a job, and his particular chickens are coming home to roost on the rest of us.

No one likes a tax increase but the state can’t operate without one; yet it will only get one if it’s in someone’s political best interests to provide it.

A perfect governo-political storm.


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