Friday Supplemental: A request of readers

The Nonprofiteer would be grateful if each of her readers would Google “Nonprofiteer” and then click the X (for “remove from results”) next to the entry whose headline reads “Shiver Me Timbers.”  If enough people do this, “Shiver”–a site pirate whose decision to squat at the Nonprofiteer’s old Web address makes it difficult for people to find her current site–will be removed from all Google searches for “Nonprofiteer,” and order and stability will be restored to the blogging universe.

Thanks to all who can spare a few minutes to do this.


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7 Responses to “Friday Supplemental: A request of readers”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I’d love to make that scurvy squatter walk the plank, but I don’t see the “remove from results” option when I do the Google search. Am I missing something?

    • Nonprofiteer Says:

      As it turns out, the X feature appears when you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, but NOT when you use Internet Explorer. I can’t figure out how to make the feature appear in Explorer, so please, all you Explorer users, just forget I ever asked. Sorry for the inconvenience–it just didn’t occur to me.

  2. dan Says:

    Done. Thanks for the great blog.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Done. I’ll have a look at what might be done for IE users; it’s a link to SearchWiki and probably fixable.

  4. Anita Bernstein Says:

    Done ditto. Happy to fling spittle on the Timbers! I encourage everyone I know to house Firefox as well as (if not instead of) Internet Explorer. Easy to download … and, I can report after three years, there is no downside.

  5. Mike Burns Says:

    Hi there – I did what you asked – googled the shiver site, found it (first) but it did not provide me with an (x). Suggestion?

    • Nonprofiteer Says:

      Whether or not the (x) appears seems to be a function of your browser, your version of Google, your operating system and probably the phase of the moon. If the (x) doesn’t appear, please just accept my appreciation for your effort and forget I ever asked. And if Katherine (above) is able to guide us on (x) manifestation and/or SearchWikis, she’ll let us know. Thanks for trying!

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