Clout Street in Charityville, and how Illinois’ Senator-designate may be involved

It’s probably too late to keep Harry Reid and the rest of the forelock-tuggers masquerading as Democrats in the U.S. Senate from caving to Rod Blagojevich and seating Roland Burris; but here’s a nugget from the Nonprofiteer’s world for them to chew on (H/T Tim Novak and Carol Marin):

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, a couple of developer pals of the Mayor’s got hold of some prime land near Chicago’s downtown by helping to arrange a new home for its  inconvenient preexisting resident, the Chicago Christian Industrial League, a charity serving homeless men.  And when the move to a new building left the charity in financial trouble–for, like many shiny daydreams before it, the scheme turned out to be a money pit–the group did what any right-thinking Chicago institution would do: it hired the Governor’s wife as a highly-paid fundraiser.  Yes, that would be the same Governor caught on tape trying to sell the President-elect’s Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Could Patti Blagojevich possibly have been recommended for this lucrative gig by Christian Industrial League board member Fred G. Lebed of Burris & Lebed Consulting, when yes, in fact, that IS “Burris” as in “Senator-Designate Roland Burris”?  And could Fred’s doing a favor for Rod’s wife Patti possibly have redounded to partner Roland’s benefit?

Inquiring minds . . .

N.B.:  The Nonprofiteer feels terrible being so suspicious of the people who are running charities and governments in her city and state.  Shame on that wicked Patrick Fitzgerald for making her feel that way.


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    A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve clearly spent a while on this. Well done!

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