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Some of you who subscribed to e-mail delivery of the Nonprofiteer at its previous address have received a couple of postings in the past few weeks.  They are not from the Nonprofiteer but from an outfit called “Shiver Me Timbers,” which appears (as the name suggests) to specialize in pirating e-mail identities.  In fact, if you re-read the two postings you received you’ll see that they’re about precisely that: hacking and piracy of e-mail accounts.  I also received a demand for ransom of the name “Nonprofiteer.com,” to which I responded with the electronic equivalent of a raised middle finger.  I can tell you all that even a brush with the world of identity theft is disquieting.

The good news is, the experience caused me to change a bunch of passwords (just the way the security experts tell you to!) and–more important to you, dear readers–to arrange for e-mail delivery of the Nonprofiteer from this addess.  If you’ll look in the upper right-hand corner of the blog, you’ll see two buttons: “Subscribe to the Nonprofiteer” and “Subscribe to the Nonprofiteer by e-mail.”  The former will deliver my ramblings to your Bloglines account or other RSS feed; the latter will deliver them to whatever e-mail address you provide.  Several people had asked for e-mail delivery; at last I’m responding!

News from the front: the campaign is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.  As I recruit volunteers, I’m reminded that you have to justify yourself constantly to them: why are you doing this thing, and why are you doing it this way?  That, of course, is their compensation–understanding and believing in the mission–but it’s not surprising that volunteer managers get cranky: justifying oneself over and over and over again starts to feel like a response to a personal attack.  The project (I’m carefully not calling it a job!) also reminds me that people need time off, and that “time off” doesn’t mean “at the other end of a cell phone.”  And all of us who raise money for charity should be grateful every day that we don’t raise it for politics, where “give me your wallet” passes for a cultivation strategy.

I am nonetheless having a blast and a half: I’m using all of my skills (and many I didn’t know I had, and some I actually don’t have!) to do something I know to be important; and the longer I do it, and the more I encounter people’s willingness to spend 9 hours on a bus in a single day for the purpose of knocking on strangers’ doors for 4 additional hours that same day to persuade those strangers to vote for Barack Obama, or to finish a full day’s work and then (3 days a week!) come to the office for 5 hours of calling strangers to persuade them to take that bus ride and knock on those doors–the more I experience such passion and commitment, the more persuaded I am that we’re going to win.   We take nothing for granted, but we don’t panic, either.

Please get in touch with me if you want to volunteer.  And please re-subscribe to the REAL Nonprofiteer, and let me know if you hear anything further from “Shiver Me Timbers.”  As I mentioned to my old blog hosting company, the next time this person decides to hijack someone’s identity, he should probably make sure he isn’t messing with a lawyer.


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  1. Gordon Says:

    You go! If you have time to read something funny, check out Mark Fitzgerald, even pirates have flacks… http://tinyurl.com/3lwwlo

  2. Jane Says:

    Thank you for all your volunteer work!

    I will be glad when the election is over so you can hopefully get back to writing your insightful posts.

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