Gone campaignin’

The Nonprofiteer has not scrupled to conceal that she thinks the most important thing anyone can do for the nonprofit sector right now is secure the election of Barack Obama. Having been fortunate enough to secure a volunteer gig helping to do just that (running a local campaign office whose mission is to round up enough volunteers in Illinois to win over neighboring Iowa), she’s going to devote her full time and energy to the task.

So (while there may be occasional postings, probably about the challenges of managing fellow volunteers!) publication of the Nonprofiteer is hereby suspended til after the election. Look for a resumption of the orthodox every-business-day schedule in mid-November.

Thanks for your patience, and may your summer and fall be filled with all the democracy you can stand.


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2 Responses to “Gone campaignin’”

  1. Scott Walters Says:

    Good for you! I wish you the very best of luck! Obama 08!

  2. René Edde Says:

    This makes me so excited! I wish you the best and I wish that I was there to do my part! If you guys need any virtual help that can be done via telecommute from Kathmandu, let me know for sure!!!

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