A few home truths about revenue

What a powerful article! in the Nonprofit Quarterly, from research conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund.  Its assessment of diversification of revenue services (two sources are better than one but three are not necessarily better than two) and of the impact of government funding (less “profitable” than other sources–apparently calling something a partnership, public-private or otherwise, doesn’t automatically make it a source of equal benefit to all participants) are both useful.  But most thought-provoking and valuable is the observation that buying a building is often a snare and a delusion and will leave most agencies suffering from a crippling shortage of liquidity for years to come.

Read and believe. 


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2 Responses to “A few home truths about revenue”

  1. Randal Says:

    That was an amazing article. It confirmed a lot of what I’ve experienced when working primarily with government funding before. Thanks for posting about this!

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    Yes, the news about government funding is sobering–particularly for those of us who are hoping for an increase in its availability under a Democratic administration come next year. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

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