Second City to none

There’s probably an actual nonprofit story in here–specifically, the happy results of cooperation among artistic staff, Board and executive director (here called the President)–but for the moment the [Chicagoan] Nonprofiteer is content to crow: the Chicago Symphony wooed and won as its new music director Riccardo Muti, who (as the snippy tone of the Times article makes clear) left New York standing at the altar.


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2 Responses to “Second City to none”

  1. Anita Bernstein Says:

    As someone with dual loyalties re: the NY-Chi divide, I have to say that Muti faced an easy choice, if he was focusing on musicianship.

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    Glad to hear that the decision wasn’t merely satisfying to my chauvinism but to the muses as well!

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