Today’s Oxymoron: Apolitical economics

Thanks to GiftHub for pointing us to this piece in the Guardian, a critical assessment of the notion that social venture philanthropy is somehow above or beyond politics. “Philanthrocapitalism” (catchy neologism for “refusal to grasp that other people’s needs occasionally take precedence over profits”) is in fact simply another front in the war to make right-wing political discourse so overwhelmingly dominant that no one is able even to think, much less act, in opposition.

Lest there be any confusion: “Government social programs always fail, so the only way to relieve human needs is through the free market” is not a statement of fact. It’s a reiteration of right-wing orthodoxy designed to justify letting people who already have plenty make more at the expense of people who don’t have enough.


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  1. Mike Edwards Says:

    Thanks for linking to Tristram Hunt’s article. Here’s a link to a free download of the pamphlet that inspired it at There are also debates running at openDemocracy and Non-Profit Quarterly, both of which can be accessed from the same website. I encourage readers of the Nonprofiteer to add their voices to the debate.

  2. Where to find the Good Stuff | Theater For The Future Says:

    […] on the central question on what seems like everyone’s mind as the NEA is flushed and the government gets out out of the philanthropy business – Do we deserve to get paid for this work? And even if so, who should make it a priority to do the […]

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