Foundation Friday: translating to Spanish, or from it?

The Foundation Center announces that it’s “offering services in Spanish for the first time ever as part of an ongoing effort to level the fundraising playing field.”

Although Latinos make up 14% of the U.S. population, they only receive 1.2% of grant dollars (according to a 2006 study by the Foundation Center ). By providing trainings in Spanish and translating their seminal work, Guide to Proposal Writing, the Foundation Center ’s goal is to eliminate barriers between Latino non-profits and funders. . . .
As part of its ongoing initiative to reach under-served audiences, the Foundation Center is kicking off the translation of this new edition by offering free Spanish-language proposal writing classes in multiple California cities starting April 14, where the Guía will be given away free of charge to attendees. To learn more or to register for the classes, visit

While these are certainly worthy initiatives, the Nonprofiteer wonders whether it wouldn’t be more helpful to Latino agencies to have the Foundation Center offer Spanish-language classes to monolingual program officers, who often overlook things taking place in communities whose newspapers they can’t read.


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One Response to “Foundation Friday: translating to Spanish, or from it?”

  1. Janet Camarena Says:

    I believe a more pressing concern would be the trend for society to overlook all newspapers, regardless of language, as readership is dwindling and people are accessing more information online and through professional networks. In so doing, most would naturally gravitate to resources and colleagues familiar to them, even if they are multilingual global citizens. This trend increases the value of offering culturally and linguistically competent resources to introduce those marginalized by language barriers to the landscape and culture of institutional philanthropy.

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