We told you so (Fundraising division)

The Nonprofiteer has been saying this to anyone who will listen: this is a great economy in which to fundraise.  Now comes proof, as the New York Times reported Friday: the economy may suck, but charities are doing well.

Well, duh!  For the past 8 years we’ve had an administration that has given advantages to the wealthy at the expense of the middle-class and poor.  Result: wealthy people have more money than ever; some of it’s bound to go to charity.  Couple that with an aging population, with Baby Boomers (who’ve also inherited their Depression-thrifty parents’ money) old enough to be concerned about legacy, and presto!  You’ve got a charity bonanza.

Which proves it’s an ill wind indeed that blows nobody good.*


*Often misused as a redundant statement of terribleness–"It’s a bad thing that’s bad"–this old saw actually means, "No matter how terrible things are, SOMEBODY always benefits from them."


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