Foundation Friday: Foundation as fashion accessory

Let’s all of us in the nonprofit sector take a moment to enjoy the fact that in crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of her fraudulent memoir of gang life, Margaret Seltzer created a phony foundation working to combat the effects of gangs.  She described the foundation on a Website (now shuttered) used for promoting her book.  The Nonprofiteer suspects that the next step would have been a pitch to buy the book as a way of supporting the foundation and its gang-fighting efforts–what’s fashionably known as "embedded giving."

So now it’s official: you can’t have a social problem in this country–even a fabricated one!–without a foundation to address it, and you can’t have a fraud without a charitable connection to whitewash it.  Pop the champagne corks: the independent sector has finally arrived. 



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  1. Alanna Says:

    This month’s issue of Blender has a funny feature matchmaking worthy causes to various kinds of musicians. Suddenly the whole world is thinking about celebrities and charity.

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