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Responding to a report anatomizing revenue-generation schemes and their discontents at the Smithsonian, the Institution’s acting Secretary offered this morsel for thought to everyone who imagines that all our sector needs is a good stiff dose of for-profit goals and systems:

“We clearly need to restructure the Smithsonian Business Ventures,” Mr.
Samper said Monday in a phone interview. “We want to make sure that
decisions are not only driven by profit but also by the mission.”


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2 Responses to “H/T The Smithsonian”

  1. Tom Durso Says:

    SBV may be all about revenue, but it’s an arm of the Smithsonian. The mission must come first.

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    Tom: What’s bizarre is that we even have to say that about any aspect of a nonprofit’s program–though of course it shouldn’t be a surprise that he who has (or generates) the gold makes the rules. Years ago someone pointed out to me that community development corporations often ended up dominating the neighborhood associations from which they sprang, precisely because the CDCs generated dough while the ‘hood assns. spent it. It takes a really rigorous clarity about the purpose of nonprofits to keep their revenue-generating arms from strangling the rest of the institution.

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