Jumped, or was pushed?

So Harvard will increase its financial aid packages.   This seems like an eminently reasonable step for an organization with an endowment of billions.  But lest you think sweet reason alone won out, read down into the belly of the article, where you’ll find this zinger:

The move also comes as members of Congress, concerned that tuition has
outpaced inflation, have been discussing whether universities should be
required to spend a minimum amount of what their endowments earn on
student aid. Harvard has a $35 billion endowment, the highest of any

It’s amazing how appealing voluntary action seems once it’s compared to the threat of legislation.  Let’s hear it for many more examples of such public-private partnerships!


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One Response to “Jumped, or was pushed?”

  1. Bill Dalton Says:

    Hey Kelly –

    Take a look at Grinnell College!
    The year my daughter started – ’05, They (i.e., that humble institution
    of higher ed. distinguished by being the private undergraduate college
    with the largest endowment in the nation = $1.4BILLION and counting ..)
    announced they would be INCREASING tuition, not because they needed the
    dough [obviously …] but because they felt they were “underpriced”
    among their high-class counterparts.
    {I kid you not, Kelly. I found that statement in some obscure report
    of a Board of Trustees meeting =
    I’m one of those few folks (I bet you’re another ..) who actually
    READS the Fine Print ..}

    My daughter did transfer to an in-state school (Oregon) after one year,
    so now we’re down to just TWO mortgages on the Home … .

    Life is Grand — I appreciate your sharing your perspectives.

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