About damn time, too

The president of Oral Roberts University finally resigned over the weekend.  What took so long?

  • Was the Board so unsure of its power that it couldn’t fire him?  Perhaps he couldn’t be fired from the faculty because he had tenure, but surely they could have fired him from his administrative post instead of merely letting him/forcing him to go on leave.
  • Was the Board so unclear on its role that it was waiting for the faculty vote of no-confidence that finally came the week before?  The faculty’s confidence would be relevant if he’d been accused of tampering with the university’s curriculum; but he was accused of tampering with its finances and jeopardizing its 501(c)(3) status by involving it in politics. 

It’s strange: in most aspects of life, people are too quick to take, hold and exercise power.  Why are nonprofit Boards so consistently too slow to do it?  I know our sector likes to be exceptional, but this is ridiculous.


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