Foundation Friday: Sauce for the Gander?

Whether or not it’s fair to blame foundation pressure for any upsurge in mergers between charities, it’s fun to watch foundations themselves try to merge and notice that, in fact, not everyone who tries to do good in the world is interchangeable with everyone else. 


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2 Responses to “Foundation Friday: Sauce for the Gander?”

  1. Albert Says:

    Actually, neither the Points of Light Foundation nor the Hands on Network is a foundation in the traditional sense. (Discuss.)

    Large foundations merge rarely. I believe there’s a physical limit to this kind of activity–something about the amount of ego that’s permitted to occupy the same space.

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    You’re right, of course; but I was actually referring to the failed merger attempt between the community foundations in the Bay Area, described in the last few paragraphs of the Times article. Despite funding from big private foundations, these institutions in Marin County and vicinity ended up remaining independent. Something about the amount of ego?

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