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This is irresistible: a vocabulary test whose correct answers produce a donation of rice to hungry people through the United Nations.  It only took about 15 clicks before there were words the Nonprofiteer couldn’t recognize much less define, but before she was done she’d "donated" 210 "grains" of rice. 

She has all kinds of questions–what is a "grain"?  What is, which sponsors the Free Rice site?  Who is John Breen, who founded*  But she knows that the World Food Program is a legitimate agency, and that this is an entertaining and absolutely cost-free way to give, and she intends to check in often.

A Google search produces the following press release: "About the founder: John Breen is a 49-year-old computer programmer. He
lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife and two children. In 1999
Breen founded the Hunger Site, the Internet’s first click-to-donate
site. In its first year, the Hunger Site drew tens of millions of
people worldwide and donated over 3,000 metric tons of food to the
United Nations World Food Program."  The Nonprofiteer has little patience for what she considers the simple-minded rhetoric on the site: "If every site visitor writes a letter to his government hunger will be eliminated"–but she can’t see that the site, or, does any harm and it may do some good.


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