A 501c3 guest-stars on the Democrats’ weekly radio address

Bold move by the March of Dimes Foundation to appear on the Democrats’ weekly radio address in support of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, S-CHIP.  Yes, the S-CHIP bill has bipartisan support, and yes, it had just been vetoed, and yes, the override had failed, meaning the program had emerged from the category of "legislation currently under consideration" and was once again a safe topic of conversation for a 501(c)(3). 

Still it was a startling podium from which to hear nonprofit advocacy.  And how often do we see the sector’s 300-pound gorillas do anything courageous with their very considerable weight?  Even the most savage opponents of health-care reform–the ones Swift-boating the Frost family for having dared to need assistance in paying for medical care for children with life-threatening injuries–will think twice before taking on the March of Dimes.

May it embolden all the rest of us.



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