Watching the watchers

Those of us on the center-left who are timid about advocacy should take a leaf from the page of Freedom’s Watch, the conservative 501(c)(4) headed by Bradley Blakeman, a lobbyist representing defense contractors (among others) as well as Fox news commentator and former member of the W administration.  Blakeman’s nonprofit (aptly described by as "a front group") is currently running dishonest, manipulative, inflammatory ads suggesting that proposals to end the war in Iraq represent a defeat in the war on terror, and deliberately conflating the enemy in Iraq with Al-Qaeda, which even Vice President Cheney has been compelled to acknowledge is false.

Until we speak up, Freedom’s Watch won’t pipe down.  Do what its ad says–write or call your Member of Congress–but tell him/her you won’t get fooled again.


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  1. Sam Davis Says:

    The campaign of disinformation about the Iraq War is nothing short of amazing, is it not? Worst, perhaps, of all, is trying to taint those opposed to the war as “unpatriotic” or even treasonous.

    When you write Congress, make sure to remind your representative and senator that the single most important reason the Democrats won last fall – ending the Iraq War – has pretty much fallen by the wayside. No end is in sight, and the American people, I thought, voted for an end.

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