Feelin’ good

Here’s a sweet story: scientists demonstrate that giving to charity makes you feel better.  (The link is to an abstract of the Tribune article to this effect; to find the whole article, go to any library site, find the ProQuest Newspapers data base, and search by headline or the word "neuroeconomics.")  The Nonprofiteer isn’t prepared to believe all the clap-trap about our being "hard-wired" for altruism–the evolutionary psychologists and their predecessors the sociobiologists (and their predecessors the eugenicists) are always discovering that we’re "hard-wired" for exactly the social arrangements currently ascendant–but she’s glad to see that those benighted disciplines have something nice to say, for a change. 

And that there’s yet another response to the people who claim that only "people of faith" can be moral, charitable and altruistic.



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