Paying it forward

Thanks to regular commenter Professor Anita Bernstein for leading us to this article in Slate on research demonstrating that a significant portion of alumni giving to universities is tied to the donors’ hopes that Alma Mater will admit their children.  Giving increases for the parents of students who apply when those students are between 14 and 18, and disappears if and when those students don’t gain admission. 

The Nonprofiteer isn’t prepared to buy the Slate author’s suggestion that such quid-pro-quo motives underlie most charity; but it’s easier for her to accept that they obtain in the world of higher education now that the scales have fallen from her eyes about her own alma mater.  Hell hath no fury . . .

And while we’re on the subject of colleges, alumni, fundraising and the intersections thereof: here’s the abstract of a New York Times piece about an Antioch reunion that took place after the announcement that the college’s doors would close, and the abstract of the Chronicle of Higher Education’s account of the college’s accumulating financial woes.  You can secure the complete articles for no charge if you have a library card and your library (like the Chicago Public Library) subscribes to the ProQuest Newspapers data base–just search by topic, newspaper and date. 


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