Marketing Scheme From Hell

Check out this publicity stunt, promising attendees at a play a $10 discount if they wear a Nazi uniform.  And notice that the name of the person continuing to defend the idea in the face of community indignation is Armenian, suggesting that she might have some reason to be hesitant to celebrate genocide. 

She is, in fact, author of a play about the Turks’ slaughter of the Armenians.  Would she mind if the Nonprofiteer produced the play and offered a $10 discount to audience members wearing a fez and scimitar?

Moral of the story: don’t let your frustration at being the best-kept secret in town lead you into efforts that will produce not fame but infamy.


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One Response to “Marketing Scheme From Hell”

  1. Kerry Reid Says:

    Given that the play she’s producing features a lead role for a man in drag, couldn’t she have just offered a discount to anyone — male or female — dressed in 40s-style women’s attire?

    Or is asking a man to put on a dress more dehumanizing and humiliating than urging him to dress like a Nazi?

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