Bridezilla no, Lady Bountiful yes

If any of you are or know June brides, here’s a public-spirited tip: the Wedding offers two ways to leverage your big party for charity.  Click on the "Registry" link and you can either buy a conventional gift through the site and have the company donate [a carefully unspecified amount] to any charity you choose, or donate to one of about 100 pre-selected charities including the orthodox choices like the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation or the Boys and Girls Clubs

But you have to know to click on the "Registry" link because if you look only on the site’s home page you’ll find nothing but an inactive link to "Non-Profit Charities" (from the Department of Redundancy Department?).

Apparently people are spending tens of thousands of dollars on their weddings; it won’t all be a complete self-indulgent waste if some portion of that amount goes to charity.  It’s not clear how a charity goes about being included on the Wedding Channel list but probably it would be worth an e-mail to find out–especially for women’s organizations and women’s funds.


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  1. SB Says:

    From what I can tell, the I Do Foundation ( seems to be an even better deal for charitable donation registries and percentage-of-registry-purchases donations:
    – more directly focused on contributions to nonprofits
    – tells specifically what portion of your registry purchases (at selected store partners) will be donated
    – you can suggest just about any 501 c 3 organization as the beneficiary of your donations/registy purchases
    – they have a partnership that allows you to also access all of the services

    I just signed up for my own upcoming wedding!

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