Models of Generosity

Check out the report from the Giving Back Fund about the top celebrity donors to charity in 2006.  (If clicking the link seems like too much work, just pick up People in the checkout line.)  Most interesting in the press release announcing the list was founder Marc Pollick’s rationale:

"Encouragement-by-example is the main reason for the Giving Back 30 list," said Marc Pollick, President and Founder of The Giving Back Fund. "Ten years ago when Slate magazine first published the Slate 60 reporting on the most generous American philanthropists, the last donor on their list gave $5 million. This year the last donor donated $30 million to charity," Pollick continued. "This is the type of growth we are hoping to inspire within the sports and entertainment communities. One cannot help but be influenced by the generosity of his or her peers."   

Please forgive a quibble: the next report should omit donations to the celebrity’s own foundation.  As our colleague at Gift Hub often points out, tax planning is not the same thing as philanthropy. 



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