Foundation Friday: Holding People Accountable (Yet Another Call for Nominations)

A superb idea came from the “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” panel last week at Hull House in Chicago: create a Foundation Hall of Shame highlighting funders whose behavior is arrogant, clueless or otherwise deserving of reproach. The challenge, of course, is protecting the anonymity of nominators: no funded organization can speak freely about the funders–which was the essential point of the panel.

Enter The Nonprofiteer, who volunteered on the spot to post nominations to the Foundation Hall of Shame on this site, and to keep confidential the identities of those who nominate.

So if you’ve been screwed by a funder, or know someone who was, please use the e-mail link on this site to tell the tale. I will publish exactly what you write, minus your name. That means, of course, that you may want to go easy on stories to which only you and the offender were privy, unless you’re willing to have your Hall of Shamer know who’s doing him/her the honor.

There’s a serious point to this comedy-of-cruelty endeavor: as everyone knows who works in this sector for more than five minutes, it’s difficult for people to keep a proper sense of their own insignificance when they’re sitting on a whole pile of money. Let’s offer them the assistance that only
comes from seeing yourself as others see you.


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