Another new resource

Because the Nonprofiteer lives in a cave, she wasn’t aware until Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune article of The Nonprofit Ethicist, an advice feature of The Nonprofit Quarterly.  While bearing some resemblance to Dear Nonprofiteer…, the Ethicist (like his namesake at the New York Times Magazine) focuses on dilemmas specific to our sector: can a staff member’s son enter the group’s fundraising raffle?  Should we buy software from the Board president’s best friend? 

During law school the Nonprofiteer encountered skeptics who insisted there was no point in teaching legal ethics because people either were ethical when they got to law school or were already past help.  This was, of course, beside the point: there are issues that arise in the practice of law that would occur in no other form of human behavior (e.g. how to represent honestly the obviously guilty), and those issues need airing–and dealing with.  The same understanding permeates the wise responses of The Nonprofit Ethicist.

Remember, though: if rather than wise you’re looking for wise-ass, just click on the site’s e-mail link and send a question, with the subject line, "Dear Nonprofiteer…".  I’ll answer as soon as I can. 



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