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The Nonprofiteer eagerly solicits nominations for the charity most deserving of a huge gift from soon-to-be-ex-shock-jock Don Imus as a token of his sincere regret at having trashed a teamful of college basketball players for the crime of being African-American women.  The United Negro College Fund is always good, but seems too obvious, somehow.  The National Organization for Women?  The National Collegiate Athletic Association women’s division? 

All reasonable, but uninspired.  Better ideas?  And feel free to nominate your own agency!  I’ll be glad to pass the suggestions on to Mr. Imus–who should have plenty of spare time for reading right about now.


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6 Responses to “Nominees sought”

  1. Anita Bernstein Says:

    For me one of the extra horrifying aspects of Imus’s insult is that he kicked these women when they were down as athletes, after their thrilling yet heartbreaking season had just ended. His message was that all that perseverence and prowess was nothing; they’re just pieces of ugly meat.

    (The only counterpart ‘joke’ I can think of is trying to imagine a powerful black woman celebrity–I guess we have only one in the USA–telling white male athletes, at the same end-of-season moment, that because of their race and gender they are ugly, sexually immoral, and despicable, while omitting appreciation for their athletic achievement. But even that wouldn’t be comparable, because black women are oppressed in a way that white men aren’t.)

    Anyway: focus on the athletics. For that reason, I nominate the Women’s Sports Foundation. Donna Lopiano has an awesome track record as CEO.

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    What a brilliant suggestion! And yes, the media commentary on the Imus/McGuirk situation hasn’t focused enough on the young women’s accomplishments. They get attention (absolutely justified) for being injured rather than for being victorious in defeat.

  3. Gail Smith, CLAIM (Chicago Legal Aid to Incarcerated Mothers) Says:

    Two wonderful organizations leap to mind, and of course, the organizations doing the most cutting-edge advocacy by women of color are also those who might have qualms about accepting a grant from Don Imus. But they are groups that all of us who abhor Imus’ rant should support: Women of Color Resource Center and Incite! Women of Color Against Violence.

  4. Nonprofiteer Says:

    I don’t actually expect that Imus will pony up (especially now that he’s unemployed); but if he did, I’d say take the money and run! Organizations that serve women of color should consider any support from him as reparations.

  5. Gene Finley Says:

    Give it to the Libertarian Party. When Don Imus is judged in a vacuum rather than a fishbowl, I’ll pick a side.

    This post gets back to the notion of looking a gift horse in the mouth. If charities wait for pure/perfect people to contribute, we’ll all go out of business.


  6. Nonprofiteer Says:

    No one’s liberties are jeopardized when someone who conducts racial disparagement for a living loses his bully pulpit, any more than the First Amendment was imperilled when CNN cancelled Crossfire for being a stupid shouting match masquerading as political journalism. Given Imus’s 10-plus year history of trashing women and comparing black people to apes, I hardly think his firing over the Rutgers comment occurred in a vacuum. But I do agree that, unless there are strings attached (a la the gift to the Smithsonian’s Greatest Americans exhibit where the donor wanted the right to pick those included), it’s better to receive than reject.

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