A Toast–to Toast

Your Name on Toast is one of the great episodes of inspired silliness in fundraising.  The Nonprofiteer has been designing her own three-line logo-toast for weeks now ("Nonprofits Sans Nonsense"?; "Non Profit Eer?"); but she hasn’t actually opened her wallet, because she’s waiting for the Toasties to announce the charity to be benefited, and to demonstrate that remittance has taken place of the $7800 raised to date.  So let that be a lesson.

C’mon, you guys!  We’re all for all that Web 2.0 bushwa about bottom-up decisionmaking (Toast-Namers are supposed to help designate the recipient charity), but you really can’t raise charitable money til you tell prospective donors who’s going to benefit.  Otherwise, even open-hearted simple country girls like the Nonprofiteer will hold back.  We’re not actually suspicious; we just know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

Besides, there are charities, and charities (see yesterday’s posting about the gunfight at the IRS Corral between Catholics for a Free Choice and Priests for Life).  If Toast funds turn out to be going (just f’rinstance) to Catholic Relief Services, which opposes the use of condoms in AIDS-affected areas of the world, the Nonprofiteer doesn’t want to be playing.

So please–you’ve had two-thirds of a brilliant idea.  As Romeo says to Juliet, though, "Wouldst thou leave me so unsatisfied?"  Or–as the fundraisers say to people who schmooze and schmooze but don’t bring home the gift–don’t flinch at the crunch.


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