More embarassing than funny hats

Here’s a story guaranteed to produce additional cynicism about our sector: according to the New York Times, how 57 per cent of the money the Shriners raised went to fund fraternity expenses while only 2 per cent went to the children’s hospitals for whose support the group is best known.  (The hospitals are funded by the Shriners’ endowment, established by an earlier group of fraternity brothers with, one guesses, a different attitude about raising and spending money for charity.)

Curiously, the Nonprofiteer felt a complaint about the Times coming on–that this scandal is featured as a story when other issues about the nonprofit community are buried.  Then she noticed the reporters’ observation that those who point out the failings of charities are often greeted with hostility:

Yet whistle-blowers like Mr. Goline are often greeted with hostility, retaliation and official sanctions.

“I was really amazed and shocked when I got into what had been done,” he said, “especially because everyone kept telling me how everything was done by the rules.”

Whereupon her desire to shoot the messenger subsided. 


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2 Responses to “More embarassing than funny hats”

  1. A Shriner Says:

    If you want to see the documented, actual facts
    on the Shriners failure to be “Honest” go to:
    This is why they sue individuals to shut them up.

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    Sandy Frost’s persistent, careful attention to the subject of Shriner mis-, mal- and nonfeasance predates the New York Times story by months. Brava to her and to the whistleblowers within and without the Shriners who’ve had the courage to keep talking about these issues in the face of threats from people in power at the agency.

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