As Gypsy Rose Lee would say (or was it Mama?)…

ya gotta have a gimmick.  And so the Nonprofiteer salutes the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for suggesting that the best thing for schoolchildren to do with the tons of pennies they and their parents have been accumulating in piggy banks, pickle jars and socks is to designate them Pennies for Patients and hand them over to the Society. 

Of course, the Nonprofiteer has been a sucker for devices having to do with change ever since she began to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in 19fifty-something, and to this day a vacation doesn’t feel finished til she’s transferred leftover Euros to Trick-or-Treat’s adult-age counterpart Change for Good, where those useless clunky things magically become vaccinations in Zimbabwe.


The Nonprofiteer is now listed on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s blogroll; so it’s possible someone is actually reading this!


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  1. Pua Says:

    Neither Gypsy nor Mama Rose. It was a trio of strippers advising Gypsy-Louise… –p

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