You Think?

Yesterday’s New York Times reports that the military collected data on antiwar activities conducted at and by nonprofits but that the head of the intelligence office responsible for doing so now says it shouldn’t have.

A timely reminder that we in the ranks of the good guys never know who may be watching.  The Nonprofiteer likes to think of herself as an agent provocateur, but isn’t so thrilled by the idea that such agents may actually be hanging around taking notes. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all (even Alberto Gonzales).  Publication will resume Monday morning.


3 Responses to “You Think?”

  1. The Happy Tutor Says:

    We can each pay a small potential price, or the courageous few will pay a very high price. Every free-spoken action today spreads the cost around, and lowers the total cost. We have to show that some of us are resolved and will not back up when it comes to what were or may still be our Constitutional rights. In the gray area, where we once had rights and may no longer, step right in and act as if the old rules apply. Otherwise you are acceding to the new ones.

  2. Joe McPatriot Says:

    A little late now, little girl. Your name is already on the list. You might expunge it with a full and frank confession. We also need to know the address of your friend, The Happy Tutor. We have a few questions we would like to ask him as well.

  3. Dick Minim, Senator (D) MA Says:

    I am in utter anguish over your post. I did vote, or was asleep during the vote, for the Defense Authorization Act of 2007, and I feel terrible about the curtailment of your civil liberties, for the time being, until we win the War on Terror. For the time being, I would suggest that you join me in keeping a low profile. Best not to antagonize these brutes. They are capable of the utmost atrocities in secret. The media pass over their depredations in silence. We would do best to bide our time and wait until the pendalum of history has swung back tyranny to democracy. I would hate to see you get hurt. Let us set a better example by overlooking these brutes. More anon. Must scoot.

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