An embarrassment of riches

A piece in Slate asking famous people how they’d give away a million dollars produced some of the least interesting ideas imaginable; but when the Nonprofiteer asked herself the same question, a mysterious blankness descended.  She rallied, though, and here are her thoughts:

1. Give one or two favored nonprofits enough money to skip grant-writing for a year or two each, so they can concentrate on developing an individual giving program.  Unsexy, but it would guarantee the charity’s longterm future.

2. Give one or two favored nonprofits money to conduct advocacy in their fields, because no one else will.

3. Ask one or two favored nonprofits what they would do with a million dollars, and see if it appeals.

She would not:

1. Create a new program and look for a nonprofit to host it.

2. Prescribe a bunch of evaluation efforts.  Fund first, ask questions later.

What would you all do?


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