Oh, please

A report from Australia (mysteriously absent, by the way, from the US press) reports that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both condemned Saddam Hussein’s trial and death sentence as unfair.  After watching Saddam exploit his own willingness to break the rules and others’ determination to abide by them as a device to run the court around in circles, the Nonprofiteer thinks he got a better trial than he deserved and that the death penalty is too good for him. 

And nonprofits which refuse to acknowledge that human justice is imperfect but is preferable to no justice at all are not displaying their moral superiority–they’re assuring their moral irrelevance.  Their tears for Saddam make it that much tougher for people to take them seriously when they complain (rightly) about the isolation of Guantanamo detainees even from their lawyers.



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