The Personal Interrogates The Political

There’s a self-help guru named Byron Katie who describes her product as The Work and organizes it around Four Questions, like some sort of Judaism manque.  The first of these questions is, "Is that true?" and the second is, "Is that really true?", a method of interrogation that would serve us well not only in our individual lives but in the political world. 

When George Bush asserts that his tax cuts have reduced the deficit, even a single "Is that true?" would reveal the emptiness of the assertion.  Other statements have more facial validity and might therefore require the higher-order "Is that really true?"  These include "You go to war with the army you have" and "Our leaving Iraq before the job is done is just what the terrorists want." 

Members of the nonprofit community may be in a particularly good position to adduce facts with which to evaluate some of these claims; but really, the Nonprofiteer recommends this interrogation method to everyone.  It certainly beats water-boarding for getting at the truth.


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