Hoist on his own petard

It’s a bit ironic that the latest religion-and-politics scandal involves the election of Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, according to the lawsuit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.  That’s because aggressive enforcement of charity laws–including, though not restricted to, laws against religious institutions’ participating in elections–seem to be the latest stairway to the stars for Attorneys General with aspirations to higher office.  The notoriously tough Eliot Spitzer may be about to become Governor of New York, while Illinois’ Lisa Madigan seems to have stepped up enforcement of nonprofit conduct just about the time the state’s governor (and putative leader of her party) begins to drown under a wave of Federal charges of corruption.

Enforcement of nonprofit laws is essential to maintain public willingness to contribute to charity, and certainly the Nonprofiteer holds no brief for politically active churches (because they’re usually on the other side, truth be told); but it’s troubling that dumping on charities is so popular that it’s in the ambitious politician’s quiver right next to accusations that one’s opponent has only recently stopped beating his wife.



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    Lol that’s one way to look at it 😉

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