Compassion fatigue

There’s a Federal program (part of the so-called faith-based initiative) named the Compassionate Capital Fund which, unsatisfied with merely funding religious institutions, has begun funding religious activities–specifically, marriage education programs that rely on Christian teachings.  As legal scholar Robert Tuttle points out, it’s long been settled law that religious groups can get funded but not for religious activities.  Quoting Scripture undoubtedly qualifies; therefore, the government’s provision of "compassionate capital" is flatly illegal.  Moreover, Tuttle notes, there’s more where that came from: the Healthy Marriage Initiative (who comes up with these names?) also supports Christian teaching about marriage, and unlike the Compassionate Capital Fund involves real money.

There’s the Bush Administration strategy in miniature: do so many illegal things, and do them through so many programs, that your opponents are kept busy merely getting the courts to enforce existing law; and then complain that all your opponents ever do is oppose things and get them struck down, instead of proposing positive alternatives.

That’s the real compassion fatigue.



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