Those of you with limited resources–and is there a charity that doesn’t answer to that description?–may find it annoying to see the Nonprofiteer link repeatedly to the Wall Street Journal, whose articles are available by paid subscription only.  But here’s the secret:

You can read the Journal, as well as the portions of the New York Times now restricted to paid subscribers, as well as many other periodicals, ALL FOR FREE, by the simple expedient of going on-line to a library site.  At, the Chicago Public Library site, you simply click "Find It!", enter your library card number and ZIP code, and you can get full-text articles from virtually any newspaper or magazine. 

No doubt some version of this service exists at every public or university library.  Use it!  As the discounters used to ask, "Why pay more?"


4 Responses to “Resources”

  1. Michael Kaye Says:

    I am glad to see that your blog supports Safari on the Macintosh instead of being limited to Microsoft Exploder only. Good work!

  2. Nonprofiteer Says:

    No credit to me but I’m delighted to be able to include Mac-people among my readers.

  3. Anita Bernstein Says:

    Love the thought of reaching for free! I have spent an hour trying to do so with my fistful of library cards: a hard-core library aficionada, I try to obtain borrowing privileges everywhere I live, even if it’s just for the summer. Here are my results: Atlanta Fulton County Library told me over the phone I could not reach the Wall Street Journal. The New York Public Library purports to make WSJ available to cardholders: maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I obtain results only when I search the abstracts–even “stock” and “pharmaceutical” came up zero in WSJ for August 2006 when I insisted on full text. The Brooklyn Public Library online is closed for all of Labor Day weekend. Tompkins County Public Library (Ithaca, N.Y.) appears to have told me to get lost. The Oxford (England, I mean) municipal library does not extend this perk to cardholders. My well-heeled academic employer, Emory University, does not allow remote access to So, alas, your happy result in Chicago may have been an anomaly.

  4. Susana Darwin Says:

    This is fabulously useful. Thank you!

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