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FUNDRAISING STRATEGY AND OPERATIONS – Non-Profiteers Consultancy’s expertise is to help our clients align data, technology, processes, and teams with fundraising goals and growth. Our work often starts with a complete evaluation of business processes, staffing levels and roles, and how well programs are served by what is in place.

FUNDRAISING CONSULTING –Non-Profiteers can help you find your competitive advantage. We can do a special element that differentiates your event from the rest. By spreading the word, through social media and site ads, we will track trends in behavior, analyze data, and craft a strategy to meet your fundraising goals.

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CONSULTING – This service will help not only the big non-profiteers with large operating budgets. Whether you are small or growing nonprofits, you need strategic advice, especially when you are creating the structures and systems that will shape your growth.

Our perspective is different from other nonprofit consultants in some ways. First, our experience and understanding is not isolated into one department but spreads across financial management, fundraising, and marketing.

ACCOUNTING – Finances are one and an important strategic tool that can be used to inform your strategic planning and fundraising decisions.

For all you know, non-profit finances are very different from profit finances. So why hire someone who doesn’t understand non-profits? Better to choose one who can understand your needs well. A non-profit should have a program-based budget that not only tracks its income and expenses for the whole organization but allows you to see the fiscal health of each program.

With a simple chart of accounts and class structure it will help you, your board and your funders to understand reports easily. We provide bookkeeping services, financial planning, bookkeeping training, and more.

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