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Non-Profiteers - FAQs

Today, the market for consultancies serving nonprofit organizations is growing faster than ever. But, there hasn’t been a guide for starting and growing your own organization. Non-Profiteers will help you no matter whatever stage you are in, whatever you need for your organization.

How much is this going to cost me?
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What is the mission of Non-Profiteers?
Non-Profiteers guides non-profit organizations in achieving their goals with support and expert resources. Building on so many years of service and support for non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin, Non-Profiteers is inspired by a vision of a united, winning strategy and effective non-profit sector powered by proficient leaders.
I’d like to become a volunteer and teach a class, where and how do I apply?

Thank you so much! We appreciate your effort and care. Non-Profiteers welcomes local volunteers who would like to share their knowledge and expertise in support of the non-profit sectors in Wisconsin state. Whether as a consultant who offers a reduced rate to Non-Profiteers member organizations or a faculty member who conducts a workshop on our behalf, we really want you! Learn more about how you can make a difference doing what you do best! Please reach out to us by email or visit us personally in our office to discuss your volunteer interests.

How do you measure the value of Non-Profiteers service?
We are offering a 30-minute consultation for free. However, the best way to measure the value of our services is to tap our professional consultants who are available on an hourly rate. The current average hourly rate for Non-Profiteers service costs $150.
If you still have a question, please let us know. We want to hear it and answer all of them.

Contact Us

Non-Profiteers Consultancy is accepting your suggestions and concerns about our services. If you have any, please send it to us via feedback@nonprofiteers.net