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We, on the Non-Profiteers Consultancy, who are experts in this field, offer more than a fresh outlook

The Non-Profiteers is a free non-profit consultancy with a singular goal, that is to help non-profits succeed in their mission. Marie, the principal of nonprofit consulting, and her team with nearly 100 volunteer consultants is committed to giving solutions to your non-profit organization needs by providing insightful, board development, experience-based consulting, strategic planning and fundraising services to charities in the Milwaukee area each year for free. We help them reach their greatest potential in addressing their challenges and meeting the needs of their clients and communities through our consulting practice and in our guises as the Non-Profiteers.

Marie, who is the founder of Non-Profiteers Consultancy, has spent almost half of her life helping small and mid-sized non-profit organizations for them be much better with their mission and raise more money to help the needy. These past few days, Marie and her volunteers, focus on creating systems for using high-skilled volunteers.

Marie is a lawyer and known as a freelance journalist. All of her reportage and essays have appeared in many newspapers and magazines including Milwaukee Philanthropy and on some of the most cited websites. Her work is also broadcasted regularly on the Milwaukee Public Radio and Televisions.

In her previous career, she was the dean of the Milwaukee College of Law and her expertise is learning so many things. Kelly holds a law degree from the University of Milwaukee. And now she is a founding Board member of the Non-Profiteers Consultancy for so many years now.

The Non-Profiteer Consultancy is accepting free consultations if you were planning to build an organization. Keep browsing to know more about the Non-Profiteer Consultancy. We are also inviting you to visit our site regularly and read our blog. For daily updates, kindly register your email.

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Non-Profiteers Consultancy is accepting your suggestions and concerns about our services. If you have any, please send it to us via feedback@nonprofiteers.net